Careers in Food Science

food scienceScience reaches ever more extensively into the world of food. As nations address issues related to world hunger, there is an urgent need to learn how to grow food more efficiently, to grow it in inhospitable lands, and to invent new methods of irrigation.

There are unlimited possibilities for employment in many fields relating to food science. They loom large once you accept the premise that growing, preparing, and cooking food is a marriage of science and art. Whether you are more interested in the medicinal value of herbs or flavors developed in chemistry labs, science and technology offer numerous ways to turn your appreciation of food into a profession.

In Discover magazine, Jeffrey Klugar writes that, “In the United States alone, there are more than 75 science-based companies churning out artificial flavors. Each of these labs serves hundreds of brand-name food manufacturers, who include their inventions into nearly everything we eat, from frozen dinners and tacos to Tootsie Rolls.”

Do you have a job in food science? Can you share any insights on what you do and how you found your job?