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“Witty, inspiring and full of new ideas, this companion book to Food Jobs will give you exciting ways to think about jobs. Chalmers gives new meaning to “thinking out of the box,” and fills the book with clever stories and lessons. Buy it if you already own the previous Food Jobs, as there’s all new information here.”
Dianne Jacob, author,
Will Write for Food

“Irena Chalmers knows more about the subject of working in the food world than any of the dozens of other experts we know. And what’s amazing is that she has charmed and entranced so many of those dozens into helping her fill in all the remaining spaces, telling us about the things they know firsthand. Her book is a gentle guide to a hard-edged subject– warm and witty, stringing together ideas and advice like hundreds of sparkling beads on a string. Reference books are not really meant to be read from cover to cover, but this one casts an unexpected spell, and you’ll find yourself staying up late–as did I–turning pages, immersed in Chalmers’ graceful humor and good, practical sense. It almost made me wish I were back job-hunting again.”
Nach Waxman,
owner/founder of Kitchen Arts & Letters

“Irena Chalmers’s informative book is a masterful drawing of the curtain to reveal more food-related jobs than you ever imagined possible. Her joy in “matchmaking” people’s interest in food with their other passions is genuine, and her light and engaging style makes for a fascinating and enjoyable read. A must-have for anyone contemplating a career in the food world.”
Richard Grausman,
Founder & President,
The Careers Through Culinary Arts Program (C-CAP)

“This book is a “must have” for anyone contemplating a career in food. I would give it to all my interns, and every culinary program graduate should have a copy. It’s packed with information and it’s entertaining as well.”
Ariane Batterberry,
Founder and Co-Publisher of
Food Arts

“How does one learn about the myriad of career possibilities within the world of food? Meet Irena Chalmers. Ms. Chalmers (who really should consider changing her name to Charming) offers an enjoyable yet highly informative read in her latest creation. We are certainly all familiar with food, but are not equally familiar with where it all comes from, how it gets to us, how we are persuaded to choose one item over the other, why one is healthier than another, and how vast the foodservice industry. Great Food Jobs 2 is a career guide overflowing with factual information and personal reflections that will inspire and educate each and every reader.”
Chet Koulik,
Registrar and former Director of Career Services,
The Culinary Institute of America

“This book is a revelation! Irena opens the larder door to an encyclopedia of specialized food occupations with solid research, wit and humor. Essential reading for all who share a passion for food.”
Susan Sykes Hendee,

“What a wit! Irena Chalmers paints the world of food work with style and reality in the pages of her Great Food Jobs 2. Her ability to describe contemporary culinary work arenas beyond “chef” whets the appetite for a delicious work life. Consider such roles of Food Art Historian, Geographer, Kiosk chef, Water sommelier, or Zoo chef! Those and literally hundreds of options stretch culinary career ideas and make this THE book for chefs, novices, seasoned food pros, as well as agents, coaches and teachers.”
Antonia Allegra,
Founder, Symposium for Professional Food Writers

“Once again Irena Chalmers has delivered a practical classic — a masterpiece.

In this companion book, with characteristic wit, creativity, and inside know-how, Ms Chalmers steers us into new territories, into the restaurants/ food service industries, retail, & the media, into science and technology, history and culture, and avenues for educators and farmers.. No stones are left unturned, For anyone with a passion for food, this book, by the whole culinary industry’s celebrated matriarch, is a must read, Who else could have envisioned its wealth of career possibilities? Ms Chalmers writes for all of us: for the young and uninitiated; for seasoned professionals ready for change; and for foodies who simply savor — for its own sake — good reading on food (armchair cooks).”
Blair Brown Hoyt

“Irena Chalmers is a culinary individualist and food publishing leader who continuously thinks outside the box. Inventing, owning, and running businesses, she questions standards, digs for facts and figures, explores new territory. Which is why this second volume of Food Jobs is chockablock with ever more inventive ideas for navigating a career in the food field—and she probably has volume three up her sleeve!”
Pamela Mitchell,
food entrepreneur (and former editor at Every Day with Rachael Ray,
Saveur, Everyday Food, and Food & Wine magazines)

“This is a book that allows you to dream and makes the brilliant Irena Chalmers your fairy godmother. As executive director of Culinary Command, a program for retraining veterans for careers in food and hospitality, we have added Food Jobs 2 to our curriculum. It brings hope, wonder and just plain fun to answering the question, “Where exactly do I fit in?”
Chef David James Robinson,
Founder/Executive Director,
Culinary Command Program

“Open wide: Irena Chalmers’ serves up more appetizing options for a life in food. If I’d had this book years ago, I would have made food my first career (instead of switching to it later). A must-read for anyone wanting to meld food-passion with work. Even if you don’t work in the food industry now, this book may inspire you to make that long-dreamed of career-change. A comprehensive overview like this is a great tool for gauging what’s right for you.

Great Food Jobs 2 is like having a food-career counselor in the palm of your hands. No one knows more than Irena Chalmers about the working world of food, and she spotlights both traditional and new opportunities for raising food passion to a professional level. Brava!”
Kate Heyhoe,
Executive Editor,
Global Gourmet

“Irena Chalmers is the ultimate food jobs “matchmaker.” Chalmers’ marvelous book is a must-have for anyone thinking about a job in the culinary field as it is an excellent resource, brimming with wisdom and information. The reader is encouraged to follow their passion while using creativity and thought to land a dream job. With Chalmers’ wit and humor the book makes for incredible reading as she delves into traditional food jobs as well as more rare occupations. Great Food Jobs 2 will inspire anyone to find the perfect culinary niche.”
Stella Fong,
Wine and Food Educator & Writer

“If food is your passion but you want to make it your profession, this is the book you’ve been looking for. An extraordinary resource jam-packed with creative options and honest advice.”
Kathleen Flinn,
author of The New York Times bestseller,
The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry

Great Food Jobs 2 is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in a career in food. Irena Chalmers, in her personable and encouraging style, pushes readers to think about what matters most to them. Music? Art? Sports? Family time? She incites readers to combine their personal and professional interests; to think beyond kitchen work to create their own perfect food job. Reading this book is like having a one-on-one mentoring session with Irena Chalmers herself, as she cheerfully guides readers through the countless possibilities of food jobs. This book makes me reconsider what I want to be when I grow up!”
Willa Zhen, Lecturing Instructor,
Liberal Arts,
Culinary Institute of America

“Whether you are just starting out or looking to make a career change, Great Food Jobs 2 is a wonderful place to start. So often people think that they only have one chance at making the perfect career choice. Irena shows the reader many career opportunities but allows them to make their own decisions.”
Jay Neal,
PhD, Assistant Professor,
Conrad N. Hilton College University of Houston

“Irena Chalmers is the ultimate mentor for those pursuing a career in the food industry. In true Irena Chalmers style, Great Food Jobs 2 cleverly paints a picture of every food job imaginable mixing in practical advice with real life experience. Further, it is full of clever culinary tidbits, sage counsel and humorous musings on all things food. It is Chalmers’ witty commentary that really elevates this book from a simple vocational guide to an inspired culinary career handbook. Readers not only gain insight into the world of food jobs but are expertly encouraged to that eureka moment where he or she says, “YES! This is the job for me”. Written for those considering a food career, I also found (after 20 plus years into my food career) inspiration and career renewal ideas.”
Dorothy Long,
Home Economist and Food Communications Consultant

“Do you secretly dream of working in the food business? Food Jobs 2 is an idea book that inspires the creative process. It will get you thinking outside the box of ways you could transform your love of food into a job you’d love. Irena is one of the greatest culinary icons of our era and has devotedly inspired cooks with her cookbooks, writings and teaching for more than five decades. A true mentor, she’s the perfect matchmaker, matching her students’ passions with their life’s work. Food Jobs 2 may best be remembered as a cultural snapshot of food business today, which has moved from the practical world of the home cook who created delicious and beautiful food simply to bring nourishment and pleasure. Today, prospective food workers have to navigate a world of politics and ideologies.”
Sandy Szwarc