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fjb1Food Jobs

150 Great JOBS for Culinary Students, Career Changers and FOOD Lovers

Maybe you’re considering culinary school, or about to graduate, or looking for an exciting career change. Translate your zest for flavor into a satisfying profession.

fjb2Great Food Jobs 2:

Ideas and Inspiration for Your Job Hunt

A wonderful almanac of eminently useful career guidance from Irena Chalmers – mixed with tasty bites of utterly useless gastronomical nonsense, including weird sushi combinations and odd names of bakeries

“If food is your passion but you want to make it your profession, this is the book you’ve been looking for. An extraordinary resource jam-packed with creative options and honest advice.”
Kathleen Flinn,
author of The New York Times bestseller,
The Sharper Your Knife, the Less You Cry

“A “must have” for anyone contemplating a career in food. I would give it to all my interns, and every culinary program graduate should have a copy. It’s packed with information and it’s entertaining as well.”
Ariane Batterberry,
Founder and Co-Publisher of Food Arts magazine

“A revelation! Irena opens the larder door to an encyclopedia of specialized food occupations with solid research, wit and humor. Essential reading for all who share a passion for food.”
— Susan Sykes Hendee