Book Signing Sighs

I usually hate book signings because, unlike the big shot food folk, no one shows up for mine.

When my first Food Jobs book was published, I was invited to do an autographing at a bookstore. Only two people took a seat. One revealed she was waiting for her friend who was in the ladies’ room. The other told me, (without even a hint of embarrassment — or consideration for my fragile feelings), she had been looking for a place to sit down.

I_ChalmersGFJ2 Signing Talk_10.18.13 This experience is not unusual for those among us who do not have a television presence.

The book signing for Great Food Jobs 2 at the Culinary Institute of America was totally different.

The “event” was held in the library where students and faculty gathered in front of a blazing fire. The mantel was decorated with flowers and autumn leaves. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and cookies and pastries were provided. All the comfortable couches were filled to over capacity.

I talked.

The head librarian raffled 10 books and more were added to the library stacks.

Ages ago, I remember Diane Sawyer was asked if she ever got tired of people telling her that she is beautiful.  “No,” she said. She never gets wearied of that.

IChalmersGFJ2 Signing at CIA Library 10.18.13A student asked if I ever get tired of signing books.

Well. That question got a very easy answer!

“My pen never runs dry…nor my enthusiasm,” I replied.

All who attended the gathering knew where to find the bathroom. Thankfully!

4 thoughts on “Book Signing Sighs

  1. Stephen. I will forever remember your clever line about those sheep who took a ewe turn. It would be a joy if you would review Food Jobs Too!

  2. Kudos, Irena—you deserve the biggest crowds! I can’t wait to have you sign my book in person! xxxx

  3. Irena you are always such a joy to be around. It is an absolute honor to work with you, and your book is as beautifully written as you are! I wish you much success with the book & welcome the opportunity to host another book signing! Everyone loves hearing your stories. :)

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