Bocuse At the CIA

This will be a big BIG weekend at the CIA where the Bocuse d’Or USA Competition will be staged. Everything is in readiness. The students are giddy with excitement. As are we all. There are so many luminary judges, no additional stars will be required to shine.

All this reminds me of a dinner in Lyon. My American friends were the hosts. They had spent many summers in the South of France dining in the grandest of the grand restaurants. They left exceedingly generous tips.

They decided to invite six of the most illustrious chefs to dinner at their rented villa. The chefs accepted and showed up at the appointed hour. My friends had cooked a leg of lamb and invited Paul Bocuse to carve it. Chef Bocuse rose from his chair, bowed and grasped the carving knife. He rested the fork on the roasted meat for a fraction of a minute.

“C’est terrible!’ He declared with a deep frown and promptly sat down.

He explained, When the little lambs are in the field, the flies come. Standing on one leg, the lamb brushes away the flies with his other leg. Thus one leg is more muscular and less tender than the other.

“Madame, You have served the wrong leg!”

With a roar of laughter, he proceeded to cut the meat.