Do you have days when your head feels quite empty?  Nothing to say? Just thinking about — well — blogging.

When I launched my own blog, I was told to write a description of it in order to keep myself on track. This is what I wrote a few years ago and it still holds true to my objective now:

The FOOD JOBS blog is both a natural expansion of food jobs covered in the book and a lively discussion of issues and topics related to the food industry. It is also a place to share a passion for the food industry: the thoughts, musings and dashes of humor that may amuse and possibly inspire others to join or celebrate the food world with its many colors, tastes, smells, and flavors.

Writing a blog is, or should be different from writing.  Blogs are less about soaring flights of literary merit and more about information. Hmm.

I tell others to think hard before you even begin to think about writing a blog. The most important question to ask yourself is WHY?

Why do you want to do this? Do you have anything to say? Do you have anything to say that anyone wants to read? It isn’t enough to simply say you want to start a blog unless you are prepared to be a lonely tree in a parking lot. If no one reads your work it doesn’t mean you don’t exist, but it is pretty close to that harsh reality.

Hardly anyone ever leaves a comment on my blog though I sometimes run into folk who claim they’ve read it.

Who knew? I’ll just keep plodding along and hope I’ll soon think of something to say…


2 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Not to worry Irena, your not alone. I’m reading your blog and found the culinary job search preparation articles to be very useful.

  2. Years ago I purchased your booklet on napkin folds and love it. I have taught
    myself, children and grandchildren to use it. I pulled it out today after unpacking and thought I would find a list of other books you have written as I love to cook.
    I have done specialty cakes for many years, teaching myself from books. The cakes are always a hit. You look wonderful in your photo and I hope that this turns out to be very rewarding for you! Thank you for the instructions on napkin folding as I prefer, cloth over paper every day! nm

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