Sandwich Chef

sandwichWhat’s Your Job?

A friend sent me her job description.  I’m planning to add more  and would love to hear about your work.

“I don’t have a culinary degree but I can cook.  I started a small business making lunch for a about 30 doctors in a medical practice.  Mostly I make sandwiches but I vary the breads, rolls, wraps and sometimes use panini as the base.  I use the best ingredients I can lay my hands on and always add a small extra “gift” even if it is just a handful of cherries, or grapes, a peach, an apple or any other fruit that is in season. When I’m feeling really generous I bake a batch of cookies.

I keep the three most popular sandwiches on my list all the time, but always have a couple of extra choices.  As you can imagine, the packaging is nearly as important as the food and I’ve found  a distinctive box that not only looks great but also keeps the sandwiches in good shape.

The zoning law won’t let me make the food at home, so I rented the kitchen from my church.  (The cost is minimal.)  I’m making enough profit to think about taking on a helper and expanding the business into an office building.”

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