All Wrapped Up to Go

Almost every culture does the same thing, but each does it differently. They all enclose portions of food in edible wrappings in order to make the contents go further, but the choice of wrap makes each variation distinctive.

Some people eat burgers between the two halves of a bun or pastrami between two slices of rye. Others wrap their food in lettuce leaves, cabbage leaves, grape leaves, banana leaves, palm fronds, or corn husks.

Morsels of food are enclosed in plain pastry, puff pastry, wet noodles, or various papers–rice paper, parchment paper, even newspaper.

A bewildering variety of meats, fish, cheese, vegetables, nuts and fruit turn up inside blintzes and buns, burritos, cannelloni, chimichangas, crêpes, dumplings, egg rolls, empanadas, fajitas, knishes, kreplach, quesadillas, ravioli, spring rolls, strudels, tortellini, turnovers, and won tons.

And an entire fortune can be contained inside a single cookie.

Excerpt from Great Food Jobs 2: Ideas and Inspiration for Your Job Hunt.

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  1. I really enjoy this piece, for the main fact that I often find myself wondering if food benefits more from having the appropriate wrapper or is it that we are a food society that craves such a wrapper before we can eat?

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