A Valentine’s Day Menu

Be My Valentine Courtesy of http://dribbble.com/shots/892286-Be-My-Valentine-Sketch-WIP

The following Valentine’s Day menu was imagined for The Rainbow Room when restaurant impresario Joe Baum was in charge.


Diamond-cut Toasts with Roses of Salmon

Hearts of Artichoke

Love Boat of Oysters, Clams and Shrimp

Baby Pot-Likker Dumplings


Doves Roasted with Lovage and Rosemary

Breasts of Chicken Nested on Fingerlings

Grilled Bass Wrapped (modestly) in Grape Leaves

Ring of Angel Hair Pasta


Salad of Frisée Garnished with Forget-Me-Knots


Upside Down Pair of Tarts

Coeur à la Crème    Love Apple Napoleon

Honey Ice Cream   Rose Petal Mousse

Cold Violet Soufflé