A Culinary School Job Connection: True Story

The most amazing thing happened yesterday in my FOOD JOBS class at the CIA (Culinary Institute of America).

A student, (I’ll call her Student One), said she would really, REALLY like to work in the White House. “Hmm,” quoth I. I then mentioned her dream job to another member of the culinary faculty, who told me one of the chef/instructor’s teaches the new chefs employed at Camp David.

That same afternoon, I told another class about this amazing piece of information. Another student, (Student Two), in this class revealed she had recently worked as a sous chef on Air Force One.

Upshot. With these connections and a couple of letters of recommendation, Student One is applying for a job at the White House.

This is actually true, (though I confess that I’m capable of elaborating the truth for the sake of a good story).

I mention this as yet another example of If you don’t ask for what you want, the chances of getting it are pretty close to zero.

2 thoughts on “A Culinary School Job Connection: True Story

  1. Ask and you shall receive! I have seen it work many times, and perhaps this time will be a charm as well. I am a graduate of the CIA and have interned/fellowed at Cuisine at home magazine and Southern Living Magazines in both test kitchen and editorial departments. I’ve done recipe development and recipe editing and teach culinary classes. I am back in Seattle and have a very hard time finding a full time position doing what I love – recipe editing, development, and teaching. Please help! Thank you :)

  2. Anna, If you would like to chat, you can call me at 845 340-0781 though I confess I don’t have any information about job opportunities in Seattle but we might be able to think of something…


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